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Lead Foil Tape: NV10LFT

Lead Foil Tape: NV10LFT

Lead Foil Tape NV10LFT, tailored for aerospace applications, integrates a thin lead foil layer with a robust adhesive backing. Renowned for its exceptional radiation shielding capabilities, NV10LFT plays a critical role in safeguarding aerospace equipment from harmful gamma rays and radiation. Its flexibility and adaptability enable seamless adherence to irregular surfaces, effectively sealing against radiation sources within aerospace environments. NV10LFT exhibits resilience against the corrosive effects of chemicals common in aerospace settings, ensuring durability and long-term performance. Widely employed across the aerospace industry, NV10LFT is indispensable in protecting vital components, ensuring operational safety, and maintaining the integrity of aerospace systems.


  1. Effective Radiation Shielding: Lead is well-known for its ability to block radiation, including X-rays and gamma rays. NV10LFT can be used to create protective barriers in environments where radiation shielding is essential, such as in medical facilities, nuclear power plants, or laboratories handling radioactive materials.
  2. Conformability and Flexibility: Lead foil tape is highly malleable and flexible, allowing it to conform to irregular surfaces and shapes. NV10LFT can easily adapt to complex contours, corners, and joints, ensuring complete coverage and a secure seal. This makes it suitable for various applications where sealing or wrapping is required.
  3. Chemical Resistance: Lead foil tape typically exhibits good resistance to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis. NV10LFT can withstand exposure to corrosive substances without degradation, making it suitable for use in environments where chemical resistance is important, such as in industrial settings or chemical processing facilities.
  4. Thermal Insulation: Lead is a poor conductor of heat, making lead foil tape an effective thermal insulator. NV10LFT can be applied to surfaces to prevent heat transfer, reducing energy loss or gain and improving overall thermal efficiency. It can be used in HVAC systems, insulation applications, or to seal gaps and joints in buildings.
  5. Electromagnetic Shielding: Lead foil tape provides excellent electromagnetic shielding properties, helping to block electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). NV10LFT can be used to wrap cables, electronics, and sensitive equipment to prevent interference and ensure reliable performance in electronic devices and systems.


Product Application

Lead foil tape plays a critical role in various applications within the aerospace industry due to its unique properties. One primary application is in the construction and maintenance of aircraft. Lead foil tape is utilized for sealing seams and joints in aircraft structures, providing an effective barrier against moisture and other environmental factors. Additionally, it is used for electromagnetic shielding purposes, preventing interference from affecting sensitive electronic components onboard aircraft. Another crucial application is in thermal insulation, where lead foil tape helps in managing heat transfer within aircraft engines and other critical systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Furthermore, lead foil tape finds use in the aerospace industry for radiation shielding, protecting both equipment and personnel from harmful radiation exposure during space missions or flights at high altitudes. Its versatility, durability, and reliability make lead foil tape an indispensable component in aerospace applications, contributing to the safety and efficiency of modern aircraft and spacecraft.