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Flashbreaker Tape: 1

Flashbreaker Tape: 1

Flashbreaker® Tape is a high-performance adhesive tape designed for aerospace and defense applications, offering exceptional resistance to arc tracking and corona discharge. It features a robust construction with a silicone rubber backing and a pressure-sensitive adhesive, providing excellent electrical insulation and mechanical strength. The tape is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, ranging from -55°C to 180°C (-67°F to 356°F), making it suitable for use in harsh environments. Flashbreaker®Tape is commonly utilized for insulating electrical components, cables, and connectors in aircraft and spacecraft, ensuring reliable performance and safety. Its reliability, durability, and ability to prevent electrical arcing make it an essential component for critical electrical systems in aerospace and defense industries.


  1. Arc Tracking Resistance: Flashbreaker® Tape is designed to resist arc tracking, making it suitable for use in electrical systems where arc tracking can pose a risk of electrical breakdown.
  2. Corona Discharge Resistance: The tape provides resistance to corona discharge, ensuring reliable performance in high-voltage applications where corona discharge can lead to electrical failures.
  3. Excellent Electrical Insulation: Flashbreaker®Tape offers excellent electrical insulation properties, protecting components and circuits from electrical hazards and ensuring reliable performance in electronic devices.
  4. Temperature Resistance: Flashbreaker®Tape can withstand a wide range of temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in both hot and cold environments.
  5. Versatile Applications: Flashbreaker®Tape finds applications in various industries, including aerospace, electrical engineering, and telecommunications, where it is used for insulating electrical components, cables, and connectors, ensuring safety and reliability in critical electrical systems.

Product Application

Flashbreaker® Tape is integral in numerous industries due to its ability to resist arc tracking and corona discharge, ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical systems. In the aerospace sector, it is used extensively for insulating wiring and electrical components in aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites, safeguarding them from electrical faults and failures. Within the telecommunications industry, Flashbreaker® Tape is applied to cables, connectors, and equipment to prevent arc tracking and corona discharge, ensuring uninterrupted signal transmission and reception. Automotive manufacturers utilize Flashbreaker® Tape for insulating wiring harnesses, battery packs, and electrical systems in vehicles, enhancing their durability and reliability. In the electrical engineering field, it serves as a critical component in electrical panels, switchgear, and transformers, protecting them from electrical breakdowns and ensuring continuous operation. Flashbreaker® Tape also finds applications in manufacturing facilities for insulating machinery, control systems, and electrical components, reducing the risk of electrical faults and downtime. Moreover, it is utilized in renewable energy installations, such as solar farms and wind turbines, for insulating electrical connections and equipment, ensuring consistent power generation and reliability. Additionally, Flashbreaker® Tape is employed in research laboratories and testing facilities for insulation and protection in experimental setups, ensuring accurate measurements and reliable data acquisition. Lastly, it is used in the marine industry for insulating electrical systems and equipment onboard ships and offshore installations, ensuring safe and reliable operation in harsh maritime environments.