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Deep Roots, Not branches.

Delaware Valley Packaging Group remains focused on partnering with our customers to provide quality products with a strong commitment to service.  Established in 1967, our founders Stephen J. Kiszely and Thomas B. DiPaolo, worked together to establish a reputation of consultative problem solving to support their client’s needs. This approach fueled their growth to become one of the largest independently owned packaging distributors in the region.  Today, our dedicated team shares the same vision and values established all those years ago: that the customer’s success is our success. Future-focused. Timeless values.

Our solutions perform in the highest stratosphere.

At Delaware Valley Packaging Group, we understand the complexities needed within the aerospace industry and provide a wide range of solutions.   We represent the highest quality brands to ensure we source the finest tapes and supplies that meet aerospace OEM specifications and that are designed to perform.  We provide both stock and custom specialty tapes that are essential components of many aerospace applications that provide benefits such as thermal insulation, bonding and sealing, electrical insulation, anti-static properties, EMI shielding, and safety and identification.  We can source, develop and provide custom tapes designed to meet specific requirements such as high temperature resistance, low outgassing, electrical conductivity, or flame resistance.

We are your partner for solutions.

If you have a complex or unique requirement, we are prepared to help.  Our sales associates have the experience and resources to offer the right solutions to meet or exceed the most stringent specifications.  We understand what’s needed of the aerospace industry and approach each project as an opportunity for creative problem-solving and personal service because, ultimately, that is how we have built our reputation.  Our attention to detail and high level of quality assurance is how we earn our customers satisfaction.